Exercise Science

Exercise Science

Bachelor’s in Exercise Science

The Exercise Science bachelor’s degree focuses on the science of human movement and its importance in maintaining or improving health, physical fitness and athletic performance.  Coursework includes: Intro to Exercise Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Physiology of Exercise, Biomechanics, Motor Control/Learning, Measurement & Evaluation of Physical Exercise & Sports, Sport & Performance Psychology, Principals of Fitness and Lifestyle Management, as well as Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.  For a complete list of graduation requirements click here.

Suggested Graduation Calendar for  Pre-Physical Therapy

Suggested Graduation Calendar for  Pre-Occupational Therapy

Suggested Graduation Calendar for  Physical Education Teaching Certification

Suggested Graduation Calendar for Exercise Science Generalist

Potential Careers/Graduate Programs

* Health fitness specialist

* Exercise physiologist

* Personal trainer

* Physical education teacher

* Group exercise instructor

* Athletic training graduate program

* Physical therapy graduate program

* Occupational therapy graduate program

* Medical School