Sherry Floerchinger

Sherry’s imaging career spans over thirty years and includes radiography, nuclear medicine, mobile CT, clinical coordinator and program director. She has taught in both the proprietary and public sectors and relocated from North Carolina to start the Medical Radiography Program here at Dixie State University of Utah.

When she’s not teaching, Sherry enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and exploring new places with her husband and any activity that takes her outdoors!

Degrees & Certifications Earned

Radiologic Technology, ARRT; Research Medical Center, Kansas City, MO
Nuclear Medicine, ARRT; University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS
Quality Management, ARRT
Bachelor’s of Science – Vocational Education; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL; 1991
Master of Arts – Organizational Learning and Training Technology; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico; 1998

Courses Taught

RADT 1015 – Introduction to Radiography & Patient Care
RADT 1030 – Radiographic Imaging I
RADT 1035 – Radiographic Imaging I Lab
RADT 1120 – Radiographic Procedures II
RADT 1125 – Radiographic Procedures II Lab
RADT 1230 – Radiographic Imaging II
RADT 1250 – Advanced Patient Care
RADT 2030 – Radiographic Physics
RADT 3150 – Radiobiology and Protection
RADT 3260 – Radiography Seminar