ADN Admissions

ADN Admissions

ADN Program Admission
Entrance Exam
Health Requirements

Final ADN Cohort Starting Spring 2018.

The Pre-Licensure BSN Program will replace the ADN Program for those who want their RN.

Contact your nursing advisor for more information.

ADN Admission Information

The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program prepares students to assume the role of registered nurse.  Once students have completed all prerequisite courses, the ADN program may be completed in three semesters. Graduates of this program will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree and are eligible for registered nurse licensure upon successful completion of the NCLEX-RN® licensure examination. ADN graduates may continue through the RN-BSN program as long as they remain in good standing with DSU. There may be additional co-requisite or general education courses required for the RN-BSN program.

New Associate Degree Nursing students are admitted each Spring and Fall semester. Space in the ADN program is limited; therefore, admission is competitive and applicants will be scored on an objective point procedure that has been strategically set up to predict student success. Students are admitted into all Dixie State University programs without discrimination in regards to race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion, creed, age, lack of American citizenship, disability, status of veteran, or gender.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Students must have completed the series of 3 vaccinations for Hepatitis B by the Health Requirements Deadline (see Timeline Tables).  To be eligible for clinical rotations, documentation of a reactive titer blood test must be on file. For questions about this requirement, email
  • All prerequisite courses must be completed before the first semester of the ADN program with a minimum “C” grade, and have a cumulative prerequisite GPA of 3.0.
  • Current CNA certification or LPN licensure is required for admission into the ADN program.
    • (MA and/or EMT do not substitute for this certification.)


Applications must be submitted electronically. Paper applications will not be accepted. See application packet for instructions. See Example of Submitted Application Packet if needed.

 Download the ADN Application Packet

Application Deadlines:

  • Spring 2018 admission is September 11th, by 3:00pm
  • Fall 2018 admission – See Pre-Licensure BSN Program


Application Scoring

Applicants are scored using all prerequisite course grades, BIOL 2320/25 & BIOL 2420/25 course grades, and the Kaplan exam score (any score accepted, no minimum score to apply).

The Nursing Program no longer informs students of individual standing via a points system (out of 100). Students are notified if they have completed or not completed the requirements to apply.

The Nursing Department Chair–in consultation with the ADN Program Coordinator, the Admissions Committee, the academic advisors and the nursing faculty–has determined students will no longer be informed of individual standing within the current admission cycle.  Students will be notified if their application is complete or incomplete.  From that moment on, everything is handled internally according to a strict algorithm which considers each application mathematically.  These internal calculations will no longer be shared with students.

We understand students wish to know their exact placement.  However, frequently students are separated by a mere one-hundredths of a percent.  Therefore, we have decided to no longer share the exact numbers.


Timeline Tables

Refer to the dates in the tables below for current information:

 Spring Admission – ADN Timeline

June – August Kaplan Exam is open Monday through Friday from June 10th until August 31st
September 11th Application Deadline
September 25th* Dmail Notifications sent to applicants by today
* No phone calls will be taken from students checking if an admission decision has been made.
October 15th Due: Signed Acceptance Agreement
November 20th Due: All health requirements, Flu Vaccination (completed after Aug 31st) & CNA certification**
January 5th Due: Grades for all prerequisite courses not submitted with application

**For Spring Admission: Last Semester to complete CNA = Summer


Fall Admission – ADN Timeline

January – April Kaplan Exam is open Monday through Friday from January 10th through April 30th
May 10th Due: Applications – by 3 pm
May 25th* Dmail Notifications sent to applicants by today
* No phone calls will be taken from students checking if an admission decision has been made.
June 15th Due: Signed Acceptance Agreement
July 25th Due: All health requirements & CNA certification**
August 15th Due: Grades for all prerequisite courses not submitted with application
October 1st Due: Seasonal Flu Vaccination (completed in/after Aug)

**For Fall Admission: Last Semester to complete CNA = Spring



Use this worksheet for specific information about prerequisites and to plan a course of study to complete the prerequisite courses:

Prerequisites Catalog

Prerequisite Course Information

  • Students may repeat prerequisite courses multiple times. However, BIOL 2320/25 and BIOL 2420/25 may only be repeated once.
  • The highest grade will be used for scoring on repeated courses.
  • BIOL 2320/25 and BIOL 2420/25 must be completed not more than 7 years prior to admission.
  • Students may apply while currently enrolled in prerequisite courses. However, all prerequisite courses must be completed before the start of the ADN Program. It is recommended that students complete all BIOL courses before applying.

Entrance Exam

Students will be required to take an admissions exam which will evaluate the student’s projected academic success in the program. The exam is the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam.

Kaplan has provided this flyer that gives more information about the test.

  • Students will be allowed to take the test once per application period.  The highest score for a test taken during the past 2 years will be accepted.
  • Students can apply with any Kaplan score; there is no minimum score to apply.
  • The test will be open weekdays during following dates:
    • Fall admission:        January 10th – April 30th
    • Spring admission:   June 10th – August 31st
      • Tests will be administered Monday thru Friday in the specialized testing room.
      • An appointment will be required during April and August  
      • Contact the Testing Center, 435-652-7667 to reserve a seat on a specific date and time.
  • Out of area students may arrange for a proctored test. All proctors must be set up through the DSU Testing Center.
  • Sample Test Questions

Copies of the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams Books are on reserve at DSU’s library.


Health Requirements

After acceptance into the program, students will be required to meet and maintain certain health and safety standards. Specific details regarding these requirements will be given to students in the application packet and/or with the acceptance letter, and must be completed by the due date indicated. These include:

  • Immunizations:
    • MMR 
      • 2 immunizations OR titer showing immunity to each disease
    • Hepatitis B
      • Series of 3 immunizations AND titer showing reactivity
      • If it has been greater than 15 years since receiving the hepatitis B series, it is highly recommended you receive a hepatitis B booster and then wait 30 days to have the titer level drawn.
    • TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, & Pertussis)
      • Proof of 1 TDaP vaccination after age 10.
    • Chicken Pox  (Varicella) 
      • 2 immunizations OR titer with antibody levels proving immunity
      • Report of having the disease is not acceptable
    • Tuberculosis screening 
      • 2 separate TB skin tests within 12 months of each other OR titer showing immunity
    • Influenza (seasonal)
      • Due dates explained in Application Packet
  • Background Check & Drug Screen Required after Acceptance

 For questions about immunizations and titers, email