Spring 2014

Physical Education Health and Recreation

 PEHR 1010-01 Aerobic Dynamics Cheryl Harrison
 PEHR 1020-01 Step Workout Cheryl Harrison
 PEHR 1057-01 Kundalini Yoga Jessamy Bowie
 PEHR 1057-02 Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1057-03 Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1057-04 Kundalini Yoga Rebecca Iverson
 PEHR 1057-05 Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1057-06 Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1057-07 Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1057-50 Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1057-51 Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1058-01 Intermediate Kundalini Yoga
 PEHR 1059-01 Vinyasa Yoga Johnson
 PEHR 1059-50 Vinyasa Yoga Temple
 PEHR 1059-51 Vinyasa Yoga Nelson
 PEHR 1067 Intro Triathlon Training Wilkins
 PEHR 1085-01 Weight Training Campbell
 ECON 1085-02 Weight Training Campbell
 PEHR 1085-03 Weight Training Campbell
 PEHR 1085-04 Weight Training Winters
 PEHR 1100-01 Beginning Tennis
 PEHR 1100-02 Beginning Tennis
 PEHR 1100-03 Beginning Tennis
 PEHR 1100-04 Beginning Tennis
 PEHR 1100-05 Beginning Tennis Pelton
 PEHR 1101-01 Intermediate Tennis Pelton
 PEHR 1110-01 Racquetball Smith
 PEHR 1111-01 Intermediate Racquetball Smith
 PEHR 1129-01 Disc Golf Howell
 PEHR 1130-01 Beginning Golf Class Davis
 PEHR 1131-01 Intermediate Golf Davis
 PEHR 1145-01 Beginning Bowling Smith
 PEHR 1146-01B Intermediate Bowling Smith
 PEHR 1200-01 Basketball Sanchez
 PEHR 1200-02 Basketball Thompson
 PEHR 1200-03 Basketball Sanchez
 PEHR 1201-01 Intermediate Basketball Winters
 PEHR 1210-01 Volleyball Dawes
 PEHR 1210-02 Volleyball
 PEHR 1210-03 Volleyball
 PEHR 1211-01 Intermediate Volleyball Hart
 PEHR 1211-02 Intermediate Volleyball Hart
 PEHR 1225-01 Softball Hart
 PEHR 1230-01 Soccer Ortiz
 PEHR 1293R Intercollegiate Men’s Basketball Thigpen
 PEHR 1294R Intercollegiate Women’s Basketball Turner
 PEHR 1295R Intercollegiate Men’s Golf
 PEHR 1296R-01 Intercollegiate Baseball Pfatenhauer
 PEHR 1297 Intercollegiate Softball Simkins
 PEHR 1298R Intercollegiate Women’s Tennis Pelton
 PEHR 1299R Intercollegiate Women’s Golf Harmon
 PEHR 1300 Beginning Swimming Wilkins
 PEHR 1301-01 Intermediate Swimming Wilkins
 PEHR 1315-01 Water Aerobics Harrison
 PEHR 1315-02 Water Aerobics Harrison
 PEHR 1340-01 Lifeguarding Smith
 PEHR 1410-01 Tai Chi Whitehead
 PEHR 1410-02 Tai Chi Whitehead
 PEHR 1411-01 Intermediate Tai Chi Whitehead
 PEHR 1450-01 Kung Fu Whitehead
 PEHR 1450-02 Kung Fu Whitehead
PEHR 1527-01 Introduction to Climbing Bracken
 PEHR 1527-02 Introduction to Climbing Bracken
PEHR 1543-01 Response Emergencies Smith
PEHR 1543-02 Response Emergencies Smith
PEHR 1790-01 Weight Training for Women Winters
PEHR 1850R-01 Special Perf Cheerleading Shaw
PEHR 1860 Dixie Dance Team Esplin
PEHR 2060-01 Sport & Exercise Psychology Hart
PEHR 2990-01 Introduction to Collegiate Athletic Administration Herbers
PEHR 2990-02 Introduction to Collegiate Athletic Administration Herbers
PEHR 3010-01 Special Events/ Administration Management Snow
PEHR 3220 Legal Foundations in Recreation and Leisure Services Snow
PEHR 3430 Community & Commercial Recreation Snow
PEHR 3780 Issues & Assessment in Recreation Snow