Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Our program is committed to preparing students to be competent and compassionate physical therapist assistants who make a valuable contribution to the healthcare workforce. This commitment can be measured by the following program outcomes:

Graduation Rate

Our program is committed to student success: 100% of our students have graduated from the program.

Licensure Examination Pass Rate

Our program is committed to provide an excellent educational experience to prepare students for the National Physical Therapy Board Examination for PTAs. Our graduates have achieved a 100% ultimate pass rate.

Employment Rate

Our program is committed to prepare students to become a valuable part of the healthcare workforce meeting the rehabilitation needs of the community in a variety of practice settings. Within 6 months of passing the licensure examination, 100% of our graduates who have sought employment have found employment as a physical therapist assistant.

Program Outcomes





Graduation Rates 100% 93.8% 93.8% TBD
Licensure Examination Pass Rate: (First Time)
(Based on FSBPT NPTE scores)
92.3% 93.3% 100% TBD
Licensure Examination Pass Rate: (Ultimate) 100% 100% 100%  TBD
Employment Rates 100% 100% 100% TBD

*Data is reviewed and updated annually during each summer semester.