Associate of Applied Science

The Paramedic Program and the EMS Associate of Applied Science at Dixie State University are full time programs that require an application process. After you have completed the prerequisites, in order to qualify for admittance into the Paramedic Program, you must submit a complete application. (See the first 2 pages of the Paramedic Application below for the detailed checklist.)

Applications for the upcoming Paramedic Program MUST be complete and turned in by: OCTOBER 15, 2017.

Paramedic Checklist

Paramedic Application & Recommendation Form (2 copies of Recommendation form needed)

List of prerequisites for Paramedic certificate ONLY:

Paramedic Certificate Worksheet

List of requirements for the Associate of Applied Science in EMS:

AAS EMS Degree Worksheet

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is broader than the Paramedic certification and provides opportunities for professional growth and better opportunities for job placement and advancement, career promotions, as well as increases options for job transfer and management positions.

If students wish to obtain Paramedic Certification ONLY, they must show evidence of current EMT certification, with a minimum of one-year certification and field experience as an EMT and current BLS Healthcare Provider CPR certification.

Prerequisites: Before applying for the Paramedic Program, students are required to have:

  • EMT certification with field experience for 1 year (Recommended but not Required)(Note: The Advanced EMT (AEMT) course is not a requirement to enter the program, however, it is highly recommended and helps bridge the content between the EMT and Paramedic courses.)
  • Proof of current/past EMT activity/experience
  • Successfully completed prerequisite courses which include:For Paramedic Program
    • ENGL 1010 – Intro to Writing
    • MATH 1000 – Transitional Mathematics II OR Higher Math Course OR Math ACT score of 23 or higher
    • BIOL 2420/2425 – Human Physiology and Lab
      • equivalent online courses to be approved by director
    • BIOL 2320/2325 – Human Anatomy and Lab
      • equivalent online courses to be approved by director

    For EMS Associate of Applied Science

    • ENGL 1010 – Intro to Writing
    • ENGL 2010 – Intermediate Writing
    • COMM 2110 – Interpersonal Communications
    • MATH 1030, 1040, or 1050
    • CIS 1200 or CIS 1201 – Computer Literacy/Exam
    • BIOL 2420/2425 – Human Physiology and Lab
    • BIOL 2320/2325 – Human Anatomy and Lab
    • Successful Completion of Paramedic Program (3 Semesters)

    (Note: All prerequisite courses must be completed with a GPA of 2.0 or above.)

Background Screen

Students will be required to complete a Background screen, and 10 panel drug screen. The cost for the background screen is $49.50. The cost for the 10 panel drug screen is $46.00. Click the button below to access the background screen. For more information and specific instructions for the background check and 10 panel drug screen, click here.

Once you have submitted your complete application, we will call you to schedule an interview which will include, but not be limited to prudence, exhibition of good judgment, scenario based questions and competence. Your application and interview will then by reviewed by a panel that will select the top 12 applicants to be accepted into the program as well as possible alternatives if space becomes available. All applicants will receive written formal notification of their status via US Mail. If you were declined acceptance, you may reapply the following year, but you will be required to submit a whole new application.

Approximate Course Cost
Tuition & Fees (3 semesters) $6,435.00
Calipers $10.00
TB Test $24.00
Background Check & Drug Screen $100.00
Required Clothing $475.00
Course Fee (Including paramedic certification) $1,420.00
Books $600.00
Total $9,064