Emergency Medical Service Courses

Emergency Medical Service Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
EMS 1100 EMT 9.00
EMS 1200 AEMT-Advanced EMT 5.00
HLOC 1050 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 0.50
HLOC 1060 First Aid 0.50

Paramedic Program/EMS Associate of Applied Science

The paramedic program is a one year (3 semester) program beginning spring semester each year and ending after fall semester.

The EMS Associate of Applied Science Degree is much broader than the Paramedic certification and provides opportunities for professional growth and better opportunities for job placement and advancement, career promotions, as well as increases options for job transfer and management positions.

The EMS Associate of Applied Science requires the courses listed below as well as those listed on the Admissions page.

For a course schedule for the EMS Associate of Applied Science, click here.

Course Number Course Title Credits
Spring Semester
EMS 2200 Paramedic Training I 7.50
This is the first course in a five-course series. The course includes lecture and laboratory training in topics such as EMS communications, well being of the paramedic, medical/legal responsibilities, pharmacology, intravenous therapy, medication administration, Pathophysiology, history taking, patient assessment, and advance airway skills. This course begins Spring semester only, and runs all year. (Spring, Summer, Fall).  Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Paramedic program.
EMS 2300 Paramedic Training II 7.50
Summer Semester
EMS 2400 Paramedic Training III 8.00
EMS 2500 Paramedic Training IV 8.00
Fall Semester
EMS 2600 Paramedic Training V 12.00


Clinical & Field Requirements

The Paramedic Program requires extensive clinical and field training outside of the classroom, as well. Each student is responsible for maintaining a current ongoing account of all clinical activity as described and directed by the Program Coordinator and in accordance with the Utah State guidelines-EMS Division.

Training Hours
Didactic 435
Laboratory 175
Clinical 260
Field 336
Total 1206

These hours and assessments will be completed at various hospitals, see the Resources page for a list of locations.