Career Information

Career Information

Our graduates from the Paramedic Program at Dixie State University have had a 94% success rate of passing their National & State certification tests on the first attempt. Graduates of our program begin work as Paramedics at various hospitals & agencies throughout the western states within six months of graduation!

Some of our students continue their education and apply for Fire Academy or Medical School. Or some students put their knowledge and certification to use throughout the community in fields such as Law Enforcement, Education, Sports & Events, Private Companies & Businesses, Journalism, Media, Research, etc…


Since most of our graduates end up working in either Utah or Nevada, here are the average earnings for EMT’s & Paramedics and Fire Fighters in those states according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Utah Nevada
Hourly Annual Hourly Annual
EMT’s & Paramedics $13.67 – $25.00 $30,510 $15.64 – $30.00 $35,940
Fire Fighters $15.88-$17.03 $35,420 $24.94 – $25.79 $53,650

For general information and statistics on things such as: job descriptions, national & state averages for the number of people employed in this profession and their earnings, the expected growth/job outlook or related occupations for EMT’s & Paramedics or Fire Fighters, you can use the Occupational Outlook Handbook provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.