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What is a dental hygienist?

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association describes a dental hygienist as “the member of the oral health care team focused on preventing oral disease and identifying and treating oral disease while it is still manageable.” Find out more here.

The Dental Hygienist plays an important role in the field of healthcare. As specialists in oral health, dental hygienists help patients in the maintenance of good health and educate patients to prevent disease. Dental hygienists perform services under the supervision of licensed dentists and are the only other members of the dental team licensed to perform direct patient care. The demand for dental services will increase as the population ages and as research continues to link oral health to overall health.

Dental hygiene is a prevention-oriented profession offering a variety of career options. A dental hygienist can pursue numerous career options which are defined by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association as clinician, oral health promoter, clinical educator, researcher, practice administrator, clinical director, consultant, and consumer advocate.


Program Overview

Academics & Curriculum

The Dixie State University Dental Hygiene Program offers a progressive education that prepares graduates to provide comprehensive dental hygiene care. The program produces dental hygienists of the highest ethical and professional standards by providing exceptional academic and experiential learning opportunities.

We enroll 24 students each academic year, so our small classes have great instructor-to-student ratios. Students start in fall semester (usually mid-August) and complete 5 consecutive semesters:

    • Program 1st Year Fall & Spring
    • Summer Online
    • Program 2nd Year Fall & Spring

At the successful conclusion of the Dental Hygiene Program, students are able to perform the essential career functions of a dental hygiene professional and enter the workforce subsequent to passing national and regional/state licensing examination(s).


Our curriculum surpasses other entry-level Bachelor’s programs in many ways.

Students in DSU’s Dental Hygiene Program:

  • Learn about the most up-to-date practices, techniques, and equipment.
  • Prepare to meet the challenges of diverse communities.
  • Collaborate with other health programs to practice patient-centered healthcare.
  • Train to be lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and effective leaders.
Need a dental cleaning?
  • Our Public Dental Hygiene Clinic offers low-cost services like dental cleanings, x-rays, sealants, mouth guards, and teeth whitening.
    • For an initial screening appointment, call the clinic at 435-879-4900.

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