Become a Registered DENTAL HYGIENIST

The DSU Dental Hygiene Bachelor of Science Degree Program is a full-time program for students who want to become dental hygienists. Dental Hygiene School requires a substantial time commitment to fulfill the intensive requirements of the program in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings.

Application for FALL 2019 ADMISSION is OPEN

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  1. Complete pre-requisite coursework
  2. Apply to the Dental Hygiene Program
  3. Complete program requirements
  4. Complete DHYG 3000-4000 coursework
    1. 16+ credits each fall and spring semester
  5. Graduate with your Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene
  6. Pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam (NBDHE)
  7. Start your new career as a Dental Hygienist!