Dental Hygiene Program

Public Dental Hygiene Clinic

Appointments & Questions

The clinic is open to the public with clinic hours scheduled to coincide with each academic semester. Initial appointments provide the patient with information about the clinic and patient assessment to determine treatment needs.

Our Clinic

We serve as an educational facility to support the clinical learning needs of students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Program. Our students provide oral health care education and dental hygiene services under faculty supervision.

Dental Hygiene Program students have extensive education, training, and have demonstrated competency in clinical services. Our goal is to provide optimal oral health care while focusing on the prevention and control of oral diseases.



Full Mouth X-Rays — Adult $20.00
Full Mouth X-Rays — Child $10.00
Adult Cleaning $20.00
Child Cleaning $13.00
Varnish Application $5.00
Sealant Per Tooth $7.00
Sealant Full Mouth $30.00
Mouth Guard $30.00
DSU Faculty/Student Fee (X-rays, Cleaning, & Fluoride) $25.00
Teeth Whitening $60.00
**Full fee schedule available upon request in the Dental Hygiene Clinic

Important Information

  • The Clinic only accepts cash or personal checks for payment.
  • The Clinic does not bill insurance.
  • The Clinic cannot accommodate requests for radiographs during school breaks or summer vacation.
  • All patients are required to have current radiographs (x-rays) on file to be treated in clinic.
  • Services are intended to help patients maintain proper dental hygiene between regular dental visits.
  • Services are not a substitution for regular dental exams by a licensed dentist.

Required Forms


Historial Medico (SPANISH)

Academic Program


Phone: 435-879-4905

Fax: 435-879-4929

Public Clinic


Phone: 435-879-4900

Fax: 435-879-4929