Academic Program Eligibility

Dental Hygiene Program

Avoid “Pass” and/or “No Credit” Grade Options

For the purposes of admission to our academic program, the DSU Department of Dental Hygiene only accepts traditional letter grades for prerequisite courses. Students who earn a “P” or “NC” in any program prerequisite must retake the course for a letter grade. Contact our program advisor for more information.

Application Eligibility


  1. Apply for Admission Dixie State University
    • Apply to DSU at least two weeks before the Dental Hygiene Application is due
    • You must have an assigned DixieID to apply for the Dental Hygiene Program
    • Transfer Credits? Check the Transfer Guide for course equivalency
  2. Apply to the Dental Hygiene Program
  3. Submit All Requirements for Dental Hygiene Application
  4. Watch Your Dmail Account for Official Program Acceptance Notification

Prerequisite Courses

All science courses must be complete and graded prior to submitting an application in January. 

All GE courses must be complete and graded prior to starting the dental hygiene courses in August.


Prior to submitting an application to the Dental Hygiene Program, the following courses must be completed and graded.

All graded attempts for each course must be listed on the application. The number of attempts for each course will be verified. There is no limit on course retakes to remain eligible for admission.

All science courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Grade “C-” and “Pass” are not accepted.

  • BIOL 2320 – Human Anatomy
  • BIOL 2325 – Human Anatomy Lab
  • BIOL 2420 – Human Physiology
  • BIOL 2425 – Human Physiology Lab
  • CHEM 1150 – Integrated Chemistry for Health Sciences
    • Recommended for Fall 2021 Admissions; Required for Fall 2022 Admissions
    • CHEM 1110 completed before January 1, 2021 will substitute through Fall 2022
  • FSHD 1020 – Scientific Foundations of Nutrition

See below for “Important Notes for Science Courses” 


All of the following courses must be completed and graded prior to beginning the Dental Hygiene Program. All DSU General Education Requirements must be completed before beginning the program.

There is no limit on course retakes to remain eligible for admission.

  • ENGL 1010 – Intro to Writing
  • ENGL 2010 – Intermediate Writing
  • COMM 2110 – Interpersonal Communication 
    • Required for Fall 2021 Admissions
    • COMM 1020 completed before January 1, 2020 will substitute through Fall 2022 admissions
  • SOC 1010 or SOC 1020 – Intro to Sociology or Social Problems
  • PSY 1010 or PSY 1100 or FSHD 1500 – General Psychology or Human Development
  • MATH 1040 – Intro to Statistics
    • MATH 1030 or MATH 1050 completed before January 1, 2018 will substitute until Fall 2022 Admissions.
    • No substitutions will be allowed after Fall 2022 Admissions.


  • Each graded attempt for every science course will be averaged on a 4.0 scale for admission scoring.
    • For example, a student earns a C+ (2.4 points) the first time in a science course and wants a better grade. The student chooses to retake the course and then earns an A- (3.7 points), the averaged points for admission scoring would equal 3.05 points for that course.
  • Only science course grades are averaged. Overall GPA is not averaged and is taken from official transcripts evaluated by DSU.
  • There is no limit on course retakes.
  • Science coursework with a “Pass” or “NC” grade earned during 2020 will not be averaged. Only traditional letter grades on a 4.0 scale will be used in admission scoring.
    • Students who earn a “P” or “NC” in any program prerequisite must retake the course for a letter grade.
    • Example:  Face-to-face course disruption due to COVID-19 pandemic

  • All science courses must have been completed in the last five (5) years
    • If any prerequisite science course is over 5 years old at the time of program admission, student must take the HESI A2 for Sciences Exam for all science courses to demonstrate academic readiness for the program and preparation for success on national boards.
      • For Dental Hygiene Admissions, the HESI A2 Sciences exam must include three sections:
        1. Biology
        2. Chemistry
        3. Anatomy & Physiology
      • The cumulative score of the HESI A2 must be at 75% or higher.
        • If the cumulative score is below 75%, remediation is available online through Elsevier’s Evolve login.
        • Two retakes are allowed in a two-year period.
    • Contact the DSU Professional Testing Center for HESI exam information

Applicants should have at least 46 college-level credits prior to starting the Dental Hygiene Program.

Dental Hygiene Program graduates earn a Bachelor of Science degree and must have 120 credits to graduate.

All DSU General Education Requirements must be completed before beginning the program.  If you don’t have an Associate’s degree, please see the specific General Education Requirements to earn a Bachelor’s degree or contact an advisor.

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