AAS Student Learning Outcomes

AAS Student Learning Outcomes

Vision Statement

The vision of the Dixie State University Dental Hygiene Program is to provide a progressive atmosphere that meets the needs of culturally diverse populations through excellence in clinical care, disease prevention and health promotion. Our comprehensive educational atmosphere fosters effective, positive teamwork and emphasizes open lines of communication. Our vision is to have a student selection process which is competitive, fair and ethical, allowing for a diverse population to be selected, each contributing positively to the dental team in order to further the advancement of dental health.

Philosophy Statement

The Dixie State University Dental Hygiene Program values teamwork, communication, mutual respect and promotion of life-long learning opportunities for our students, patients, faculty, and community dental health professionals.

Mission Statement, Strategic Goals and Graduation Competencies/Outcomes

The mission of the Dixie State University Dental Hygiene Program is to promote the college mission and goals by producing dental hygienists of the highest ethical and professional standards who are able and competent practitioners with confidence in their abilities to function as an integral part of the dental team. The program will continually progress in education and scientific technologies, trends and techniques, which will allow dental hygiene students to best serve the patient and the community.

In support of our mission statement, the strategic goals of the Dixie

State University Dental Hygiene Program are to:

  1. Comprehensively prepare students for success in the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam and the Regional or State Board Exams.
  2. Comprehensively prepare students to demonstrate patient care utilizing the Dental Hygiene Process of Care.
  3. Provide learning experiences to produce dental hygienists with high ethical standards and professionalism, and utilize evidence based decision making during patient care.
  4. Comprehensively prepare students to provide community service and develop community partnerships.
  5. Comprehensively prepare students for graduation with an AAS and/or BS degree, employment as dental hygienists and promotion of the dental hygiene profession.
  6. Develop partnerships that will encourage and support increased education and life-long learning.

Dixie State University Dental Hygiene Program
Graduation Competencies/Program Learning Outcomes

Based upon Commission on Dental Accreditation Standards and Competencies for Entry into the Profession of Dental Hygiene From the American Dental Education Association

  1. Patient Care

    – Dixie State University Dental Hygiene graduates will be able to execute all steps in the dental hygiene process of care.

    1. Perform a comprehensive patient assessment and utilize critical decision making skills to construct and document a dental hygiene care plan for all types of patients based on data collected.
    2. Perform and document comprehensive patient care and evaluation to promote patient health and wellness for patients of all ages, cultures and disease status including those with special needs.
    3. Critically analyze published reports of evidence based literature and apply this information to the practice of dental hygiene during patient care.
    4. Communicate and interact effectively with diverse populations, members of the community and other health care providers.
    5. Provide appropriate life support measures for medical emergencies that may be encountered in practice of dental hygiene.
  1. Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

    – Dixie State University Dental Hygiene graduates will be able to apply a professional code of ethics which complies with Federal and State laws.

    1. Apply a professional code of ethics and conduct to all aspects of dental hygiene.
    2. Comply with state and federal laws, recommendations and regulations, governing the practice of dental hygiene.
  1. Community Service

    – Dixie State University Dental Hygiene graduates will be able to provide health promotion and education services in public health and alternative settings.

    1. Administer oral health services in a variety of community settings while providing cultural care.
    2. Assess, plan, implement, and evaluate community based oral health programs utilizing the oral health needs of the community.
    3. Utilize interprofessional partnerships to encourage health promotion and disease prevention within the community.
  1. Graduation and Promoting the Dental Hygiene Profession

    – Dixie State University Dental Hygiene graduates will be able to successfully graduate and affiliate with professional organizations.

    1. Successfully complete all requirements and courses needed for graduation for an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.
    2. Advance the profession through service activities and affiliations with professional organizations.
  1. Life-long Learning and Education

    – Dixie State University Dental Hygiene graduates will be able to perform self-assessment for professional growth and lifelong learning.

    1. Pursue continuing education for life-long learning and professionalism in providing quality evidence-based care.
    2. Continuously perform self-assessment for professional growth and lifelong learning.

In Support of the Dixie State University Mission and Core Values

The Dental Hygiene Program:

Enriches the lives of individual students and the community by providing AAS and BS degrees in dental hygiene.

Sponsors events and community outreach programs to meet the needs of consituents such as health fairs, public elementary and preschool oral health educaiton, Headstart family clinic days, mobile clinic care taken to limited access community partners and participation in oral health screenings at the senior games.

Delivers excellent teaching in a learning environment which includes interprofessional collaboration with other health science departments, and service to the community which fosters values, diversity and open access by creating strategic partnerships for learning opportunities.
A Culture of Learning

Dental hygiene students become knowledgeable and competent in critical thinking skills, with demonstratable skills needed to be successful in their chosen careers, resilient in dynamic situations and prepared for life-long learning.
A Culture of Values

The dental hygiene program fosters a culture of respect, integrity, honesty, service, engagement, and diversity that strengthens students’ abilities to contribute to society.
A Culture of Community

The dental hygiene program creates an atmosphere where strong relationships between students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders can be built and maintained, facilitating economic growth, workforce development, continuing education, and cultural enrichment.