State Certification

State Certification

Must present picture identification and testing voucher or you will not be allowed to test. See the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry website for more information on testing requirements.



Written Test

Skills Test

  • Administered off campus at the DSU Taylor Building
  • By Appointment Only
  • Wear scrubs
  • You will be rated on these skills by a State approved RN Skills Examiner:
    • The candidate must perform a set of Vital Signs and Hand washing during the Skills Examination and perform five (5) selected skills from the Skills Task Listing found in this handbook. You must pass off Vital Signs, Hand washing and all 5 skills competently, within the stated guidelines and perform all skills with only two prompts (helpful hints) from the Examiner. Please use body substance precautions and infection control measures with each skill. Memorize the Beginning and Ending Procedures.
    • You will be given a minimum of 20 minutes and maximum of 40 minutes to complete all the required skills.

For questions about immunizations and titers, email